With lots of experience in different programming languages, we have the know-how to develop sleek and functional apps and games for different Fitbit watches.

Our Projects

Games and Apps

Racer | Fitbit | 0.99$

Experience the thrilling racing game on your FitBit device with lots of different obstacles and challenges. Steer your racing car with the buttons on your watch or use innovative touch controls to maneuver through the traffic on the endless roads.

Ping Pong | Fitbit | 1.29$

The classic game is back. Better and simpler than ever before!  With game modes like heartbeat mode or last player standing, a lot of fun is guaranteed.

ISS Tracker | Fitbit | Free

The easiest and most comfortable way to track the ISS on your wrist. This app displays all information about the ISS that you will ever need! (ISS Location and Speed, a nice mapview and Upcoming Passes)


Binary | Fitbit | 0.99$

You are gonna love this simple and modern watch face.  Just add all the numbers from the lighting circles and you have the current time and date! It's as easy as that!

Console | Fitbit | 0.99$

You want to impress your friends, or you like command prompts? Then this is the perfect watch face for you. Lots of different features and easy customizing of your watch face.

LS Launcher | Fitbit | 0.99$

The newest App Launcher for all Fitbit smartwatches! Launch your favorite apps from your home screen now!

Lost in Space| Fitbit | 0.99$

Download our newest Fitbit watch face "Lost in Space" now! With many different backgrounds and a simple overlay, this is a very sleek and modern watch face.

Circles | Fitbit | 0.99$

Download our Fitbit watch face "Circles" now! This sleek watch face shows you the time as circles that change their color depending on the time. 


We love to create simple and modern watchfaces for all Fitbit smartwatches, including the Versa 3 and the Fitbit Sense.


We develop everything from classic games like ping pong to thrilling and awesome racing games.


We love to make helpful apps that will make your life way easier.

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